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From: alexander goeres - lieblinxNET (agoeres_at_lieblinx.net)
Date: Fri 18 Feb 2005 - 17:11:00 GMT

Hello list!

I'm trying to get into the 1.9.x-future branch of vservers and (not
unexpectedly) ran into some problems.

My setup is with Debian as host and vserver system, vanilla kernel 2.6.10 and
the 1.9.4 vserver patch.

I plan to set up a master-vserver, configured and ready to be copied whenever
a "real" vserver is needed. I already had such a constellation set up with
the old-style-vservers and that worked perfectly.

My master-vserver is running fine using fakeinit and the "plain" init style.
Copying it to a "real" vserver is working too. On problem comes up, when I
stop the copied vserver.

Stopping it ends up with the errormsg
"Vserver '/etc/vservers/beta' still running unexpectedly; please investigate
it manually..."

I did as advised and found that it's only pretending to be running still
because a "vserver beta status" gives: "Vserver 'beta' is stopped".
It looks as if only the run-file /var/run/vservers/beta would still exist.

This doesn't sound too serious but I'd like to know if anybody could point me
to a solution of how to make it work "correctly". The master-vserver "alfa"
nicely removes its run file.


netzwerk- & systemadministrator
agoeres at lieblinx. net
tel.: +49 (0)30 / 61 20 26 87
fax: +49 (0)30 / 69 00 46 03
     we do software
a marwood & thiele GbR
reichenberger straße 125
10999 berlin

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