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From: Micah Anderson (micah_at_riseup.net)
Date: Sun 20 Feb 2005 - 18:51:21 GMT

Stephen Frost schrieb am Sunday, den 20. February 2005:

> In general I feel it's:
> a) bad form to hijack packages from active maintainers

I'm not suggesting to hijack these packages.

> b) Have multiple source packages in the archive for the same programs

The difference between these programs is so vast that I don't really
believe that you can say that these are the "same program". Thats like
saying vim is the same as nvi is the same as elvis, or that bittorrent
is the same as bittornado. They are all based on the same original
thing, and often share similar code, but they all have very different
enhancements that make them unique and appropriate as different

I am not even sure it makes sense to call the vserver kernel patch CTX
anymore (the debian package is kernel-patch-ctx), even the 1.2.10
version is referred to as the vserver patch. I had no idea that this
patch existed in debian, because I never thought to look for
kernel-patch-ctx (and apt-cache search vserver does not return

> c) effectively go around the existing maintainer

This I agree with. Since the maintainer is not responding to these
messages, I suspect that they are busy and cannot notice them. It
would be only appropriate to ask them directly, even better to CC the
bug report on this so the communication can be in the open.

> It's not entirely the case that the existing maintainer is totally
> uninterested in the 1.9.x vserver series or I'd be more concerned. He's
> shown interest and seemed to be working with some others on a better
> solution to the current situation (which might involve what you're
> suggesting, but I'd really hope not..). I don't know that we've given
> them quite enough time yet to claim that nothing's happening and that we
> need to move forward independently - it's only been maybe a month or so
> as I recall since serious discussion of 1.9.x was brought up to the
> maintainer.

Then we should ask them what their plans are, and what is going on
with this, and if they need help.

> And, again, the current maintainer seems active, a little suprised he
> hasn't commented on this thread...

The current maintainer has 71 packages to their name, many of them
very high-profile busy packages that need a lot of work, its my guess
that they have their hands full.

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