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From: Paul S. Gumerman (psg_at_cooldog.com)
Date: Mon 21 Feb 2005 - 17:56:54 GMT


I'd certainly be willing to kick in some $$, especially if I could get a
bit of targetted help here ...

As usual, I'm in a "need it right now" mode, and I'm deploying this
thing for development use even before I've got it 100% working.
The actual vservers seem to be running fantastically, just great, but
the package stuff, and hence unification is giving me fits on an x86_64

I think it's because of the multi-arch requirements of x86_64, or it
could just be "pilot error" (my fault).

I'd be delighted to spend $300 to either find and fix the bugs involved,
or document things a bit better so that I can make vserver do all the
tricks it is supposed to do.

And that's a right now firm offer!


Herbert Poetzl wrote:

>Hi Community!
>today the idea of a community fund for linux-vserver
>development was raised on the irc channel ...
>here are some excerpts ...
>| We all need to come up with some sort of a community fund to
>| support the vserver development team. Initially, we need to take
>| care of Bertl and eventually include other developers including
>| Doener and ensc (Enrico)
>| Ok. I was thinking more of a fixed amount that all of you can
>| set aside each month regardless of your sales. It has to be a
>| monthly recurring amount.
>| If you care about this product we need to support it and we
>| need to support it right now ...
>| ... it is really necessary if we are planning to be able to
>| reject certain hostile takeovers of the main developers and such.
>| You can pledge your contribution to Bertl directly in private
>| or also publicly here in the channel. As long as Bertl and the
>| other developers can make ends meet, this project will be alive
>| and kicking.
>now the interesting question to the broader audience of
>the mailing list is: would this be something the community
>would want to do?
>without doubt, linux-vserver development could make good
>use of such thing, especially when the developers are
>able to focus on development and not the every day 'how
>am I going to pay my bills?' question ...
>let me know what you think!
>(as suggested either in public or in private)
>Vserver mailing list
Vserver mailing list

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