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From: Dariush Pietrzak (eyck_at_ghost.anime.pl)
Date: Sun 06 Mar 2005 - 08:53:31 GMT

> But please think not technical but psychological ( = marketing) aspect.
> when you do a vserver hosting business, customer would ask you like
> "is really isolated perfectly?". and understand customer is not
> a specialist of Linux.
 From this 'marketing' angle no virtualisation technique fits and never
will. Vserver is very practical solution and everything that matters is
virtualised and isolated from other vservers.

> 2. I suppose the biggest issue current vserver lacks is, a filesystem.
> a filesystem like unionfs or Copy-on-Write(Cow) or something alike is
> very desired but it lacks currently. Do you have any plan to add this
 As you know there are COW-links in the works,and you can always use cowloop,
but this requires keeping your data in file, and additional mountpoint for
every vserver, which might be a management nightmare.
 Besides, Bertl doesen't like cowloop.

> BTW, I also am planning a new file system for Vserver.
that would be interesting, could you please elaborate on that.

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