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From: Gilles (gilles_at_harfang.homelinux.org)
Date: Sat 12 Mar 2005 - 00:23:50 GMT


> > 1. Removing dispensable packages:
> >
> > pciutils fdutils ipchains makedev ppp pppconfig pppoe pppoeconf
> > dhcp-client console-common console-data console-tools klogd sysklogd
> >
> > [Note: klogd still triggers that cpu-hogging behaviour, which makes it
> > *indispensable* to remove...]
> I think you'd want to keep sysklogd but just remove klogd - you'll
> still want the software in the vserver guest to log their stuff to
> /var/log/something via a syslogd running within the vserver guest,
> right?

Yes, certainly. Unfortunately, sysklogd "Depends" on klogd!
> This is something my suggestion for a (virtual) vserver-guest Debian
> package would have handled automatically, but the concensus was that
> such a package wasn't needed.

If I remember correctly, that package ought to have been installed on the
guest, but I would think that the removal of things-that-get-in-the-way-
of-virtuality should be handled at guest creation ("vserver build").

Why ask of everyone that "builds" a vserver to clean up their "hardware-related"
initscripts when the parts that pose problem are known?
Most probably, the actual setting up depends on the distribution but since
some of them start to be somehow supported within the tools (through the
".distribution" directory), it seems logical to handle that problem at
that level too.
[And that would avoid repeating on the mailing list, every now and then,
that the guest system config must be stripped off hardware-related scripts...]
As was pointed out in a previous answer in this thread, for Debian it would
be readily handled by passing an option to "debootstrap".

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