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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Mon 21 Mar 2005 - 18:23:47 GMT

On Sun, Mar 20, 2005 at 10:44:19PM -0500, Kyle Yencer wrote:
> Herbert,

Hi Kyle!

> Hey this is Kyle Yencer, from eApps (or formerly rather).
> I am interested in putting together a contribution for the
> Vserver project now that I no longer work at eApps.

well, good to hear (the vserver part)

> We ended up using Virtuozzo (Yuck!!!), but now I am working for
> BellSouth and am working on the new hosting solution there.

sounds good too ...

> However, BellSouth is quite greedy with their IPs and is
> looking for Virtual Private Servers, but not necessarily
> wanting to have an IP per VPS.

hmm, well, context isolation works independant from
ip addresses so you could in theory share one ip
among several vservers, but I guess that would have
too many drawbacks, read on for a better solution ...

> So I would like to work on a name-based virtual private server
> approach for VServer, similar to the SWsoft Virtuozzo Name Based VPS.

no idea what that is and how it works, maybe you could
give us some details?

> I do have a slight delimma C/C++ are not my strong points but
> I want to learn and I figure what better way than with this.

well, not all folks can be programmers, but for sure
it helps in such projects ...

> Does this sound like a viable path to pursue, name-based VServers,

yes, but I would go for a setup like this:

 - create every VPS with an unique IP from a private
   range (e.g. 10.0.x.x) with all services inside

 - create some proxies (which are name-based) to
   distribute one (or a few) public IPs to those
   private IPs based on the 'name'

this should work for ftp and http, it will be somewhat
harder to do for ssh, and it will not work for https
(which is the direct result of how ssl works)

> and if so what would you recommend as a book/guideline to use
> for getting up to speed on C/C++?

IMHO C should be sufficient, and there are a bunch
of C documentations and courses on the net, like:


> P.S. Congrats on the meeting and I do encourage you to get paid
> for your very hard work on VServer that is used by many.

well, I'll try to, but the first priority is a stable
and free (as in beer and speach) Linux-VServer ...

and I'm confident, that with the help of the community
it is possible to achieve this now and in the future ...


> --
> Kyle Yencer
> e: kyle_at_yencer.net
> w: www.yencer.net
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