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From: Peter V. Saveliev (peet_at_peet.spb.ru)
Date: Mon 28 Mar 2005 - 17:28:49 BST


Now I plan to migrate to 1.9.5 & 2.6.11, 'cause of resource limits; and I have
some questions:

1) is it right, that I've to create one directory


per interface and there can be only one address on such interface? I didn't
read the code, I'll do it while going to the home this night, but the answer
will help me anyway. Now I use rewritten vserver (util 1.28), that adds
addresses via iproute2, not ifconfig, so, I haven't any problems with address
labels etc.

2) where I can find documentation on


syntax? Can I define hard limits on cpu & memory usage per context? E.g., I
want context "bala.org" to use not more than 50% CPU time, roughly speeking.
Now I have to monitor vserver cluster and to stop a context manually (via
script, anyway), when it consumes too much CPU or memory.

3) Now I use LVM, so there is no problems with disk quotas: there is only one
context per partition. Now I want my system to get smaller and plan to refuse
LVM. Is there per context disk limits in 1.9.5?

PS: package size and config simplicity are critical, so, I'll read new
util-vserver code (at least shell scripts ;) anyway, and will patch it to fit
my needs, as I did it before with 1.28. But I don't wanna "invent a bicycle",
so, thanks for any help.

PPS: sorry my terrible English

Peter V. Saveliev
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