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From: Bjoern Steinbrink (bjoern.steinbrink_at_isp4p.net)
Date: Thu 31 Mar 2005 - 18:09:27 BST


On 2005.03.31 17:56:22 +0100, Gaz Wilson wrote:
> On Thu, 31 Mar 2005, Gilles wrote:
> > > > test01:/# ifconfig
> > > > Segmentation fault
> > > > test01:/# ifconfig -a
> > > > Segmentation fault
> > >
> > > Forbidden (network hardware) inside the vserver.
> >
> > Sorry, this should work (as long as you don't want to set up the
> > interface...).
> Hehe - I was just about to write a reply about your previous reply, Gilles!
> Yes, I simply want to use ifconfig to show the interface, not configure
> it. Interestingly enough, the IP _IS_ configured as I can ping it from
> within the vserver - yet ifconfig refuses to work for as yet unknown
> reasons.

ifconfig is old and only knows about named interface addresses. stable
tools always created named interface addresses using ifconfig, but the
alpha tools use iproute to setup networking and thus can create nameless
interface addresses. Those are not listed by ifconfig, but you can use
"ip addr show" or just "ip a" instead. If you want named interfaces
addresses, you have to tell the tools about that, please check the flower
page for details, i don't remember them ;)
ifconfig shouldn't segfault though... strace available?

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