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From: Ehab Heikal (ehab_at_elmotaheda.com)
Date: Sun 10 Apr 2005 - 11:41:58 BST

how stable is the 2.6 branch of vserver, would you run it in a
production envoirnment. If it is not very stable, would the instability
affect the vservers or the main server. In my case I have a large site
that would benefit if some of the services on it is in a vserver, so I
can have the main site on the main server and some less important
services on vservers if the instability is only in the vservers.

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i used the Kernel 2.6.10 and Patch before.. this worked nice.
But now i upgraded my Kernel to the latest Version with the new vServer
Patch on Kernel
I also installed the latest Util-vServer...
Now when i try to enter my vserver i got this Problem....

society:~/img # vserver test enter
WARNING: can not find configuration, assuming legacy method
//lib/util-vserver/legacy/vserver: line 699: ulimit: max user processes:
cannot modify limit: Das Argument ist ungültig
ipv4root is now
chcontext: vc_new_s_context(): Invalid argument
society:~/img #

What should i do? Downgrade?
I hope any1 can help me.

greetz Dennis

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