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From: alexx (ml-linux-vserver_at_ikse.net)
Date: Mon 25 Apr 2005 - 01:23:23 BST


To begin : sorry for my poor english :(

I've a recurent problem with vserver 0.30.204 on a bi-XeonP4 (use in 32bits, and
with hyper threading).
Kernel is with vs1.9.5
The host is debian, but i've compiled vserver-util alpha myself.

I run 2 vservers on since approximativly 1 mounth.
Vserver and host server run perfectly .. but last night, and this night, 1 of the
2 CPU go into 100 % 'wa' (i don't find what that mean in 'top') and the other look
like ok with 95% idle.

The load average grow to 100 this night and 300 last night (normal load: 0.2-0.5
max 4) !

At this step, i have only one vserver down (stop responding) on the 2.
The strange thing was it's not the same vserver last night, and this night :/

When the "bug" arrived, i can't do "vserver .... enter" or "vps auxw", ...
I can't enter into the directory of the vserver, ... the term freeze after typing
[Enter] to the '$ cd /vservers/serv1' command
just vtop work, but not display any strange process :( just an enormous load.
"vserver .... stop" freeze too after a

All VServer are on it's own LVM partition in ReiserFS.
each partition is snapshoted a multiple of time.

Last days modification is the add of a cron script to make new snapshot each night
without delete the old (i want to keep 5 snapshots each time).
I umount old snapshot, and mount the new snapshot with :
"mount -o ro,noexec,nodev,noatime ..."

The snapshot cron is at 0:30
My backup server take data into the mounted snapshot at 1:00
And the vserver crash no longtime after.

I stop this for now (just one snapshot at a time per partition).

Any other suggestion for the origin of the problem ?


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