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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Mon 25 Apr 2005 - 22:43:15 BST

On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 10:37:33PM +0200, Rik van den Eijnden wrote:
> Hy there,
> I'm trying to get vserver running, but no succes sofar.
> The kernel version I'm using is 2.4.30, which I have
> stripped down pretty much
> and patched with vserver-0.32-1 (.config included)

no idea what vserver-0.32-1 is .. we are at vs1.2.10
currently ...

> I am using util-vserver-0.30

okay, either that or the alpha util-vserver ...

> Kernel build went well.
> util-vserver build went well.
> Then I did "/usr/local/sbin/vserver vserver1 build", which had some warnings
> about chkconfig (unknown option: level) which I fixed manually.
> Now trying to start the server with "/usr/local/sbin/vserver vserver1 start"
> Output:
> ====
> Starting the virtual server vserver1
> Server vserver1 is not running
> ipv4root is now
> Host name is now vserver1
> New security context is 49152

you should use static contexts (49152 is dynamic)

> ====
> But then "/usr/local/sbin/vserver vserver1 status" gives back:
> ====
> Server vserver1 is not running
> ====
> Has anybody got any hints?

yup, probably no service in your vserver guest was
started, so just after the vserver startup, the runlevel
script exited without any processes being left in the
guest, which automatically disables (shutdown) the vserver
context after startup ...

> Am I missing something?

yup, thave a look at linux-vserver.org especially look
at the Documentation section ...

> Are there any logfiles to look at?

with the alpha util-vserver you could enable some ...

> Is my kernel stripped down too much?

I don't think that is possible ;)

> Thanks,
> Rik


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