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From: Michal Ludvig (michal_at_logix.cz)
Date: Wed 27 Apr 2005 - 04:22:34 BST

Herbert Poetzl wrote:

> - the tools (util-vserver 0.30.206, + dietlibc 0.28+patches)
> emit some stuff, do some things, whatever .. which 'disturbes
> the X keyboard ... (unlikely, but possible)
> * make sure that the tools are the latest and dietlibc is
> (patched on x86_64)

Where can I get the patch? I'm using plain dietlibc 0.28 on amd64

> * check by starting the vserver from a different host
> (logged on via ssh, and maybe telnet)

Over ssh it works with no problems. However e.g. locally from screen it
still dies.

> - the init inside the vserver does something which manages
> to confuse the X keyboard (would be an isolation issue)
> * try to replace the init with an minit or a different init

Replaced with debian woody statically linked init and still the same.

> * replace the init by an strace wrapper to dump the syscalls
> - there is an unwanted 'connection' between the X (on the host)
> and the vserver which really should not be there
> * check for device nodes in /dev and various other places
> * verify that no 'magic' keys are copied from the host

What do you mean with magic keys?

> * look for pipes (fifos) which run between host and guest

It is a fresh SL92 vserver, almost no extra config done. There should be
no such fifos.

However... I stripped down /etc/rc.d/rc to just running sshd and exit.
Still the same. Subsequent vserver halting from the master looks like this:

root:~ # vserver popelka stop
vkill: vc_ctx_kill(): No such process
Vserver '/usr/local/etc/vservers/popelka' still running unexpectedly;
please investigate it manually...
root:~ # vserver popelka stop
vserver 'popelka' is not running

Once I exit the dead X session (running e.g. on tty7) I still can't use
the keyboard. I must ssh from a different host and with "chvt 1" switch
the console. Only after that I could use the keyboard again. When going
back to tty7 I can see some binary garbage after "INIT: no more
processes left in this runlevel".

Not too much of success...

Michal Ludvig

* Personal homepage: http://www.logix.cz/michal
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