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From: Matthew Nuzum (matt.followers_at_gmail.com)
Date: Fri 29 Apr 2005 - 14:59:58 BST

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> Heyas All,
> Does anyone have a Ubuntu Hoary guest image built?
> Alternatively, is it possible to use the debian-newvserver.sh script to
> build a hoary vserver?

I started the process of documenting using Ubuntu guests. Here is what I've
done so far:

Part C steps 6-8 might be helpful,
"Create the new ubuntu disk image. If you want to use debian, google for
debootstrap and you should see alternate syntax to use for the debootstrap
program. (i.e. to create a virtual server named "vsa" with the ip address
"" and the host name "vsa.mynetwork.com" use this command:
vserver vsa build -m debootstrap --hostname vsa.mynetwork.com --netdev eth0
--interface -- -d warty -m

Yes, I realize this is for warty, but you should get by just fine by
changing the reference from warty to hoary.

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