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From: Enrico Scholz (enrico.scholz_at_informatik.tu-chemnitz.de)
Date: Wed 04 May 2005 - 19:55:07 BST

opal_at_debian.org (Ola Lundqvist) writes:

> * Is a dependency on perl for building acceptable? I need it as one
> of the manpages (vserver-build) is written in .pod format and need
> pod2man (provided by perl) to convert to manpage format. I'm not
> sure what you think about that. I can probably rewrite it directly
> to manpage format but it will take some time (which I do not have too
> much of). I also seem to have a different version of vserver manpage
> that is regenerated by pod2man (I have forgot that).

I am not sure how documentation should be handled. I am tending to a
master XML file which can be translated into '... --help' output,
man-pages or DocBook XML or ...

Current way which reformates the '--help' output is not very clever: it
introduces redundancy, does not provide additional information and
requires additional maintenance.

> * I will modify vserver-copy to have better rsync options
> --numeric-ids -H and maybe some more.

vserver-copy needs much changes as it uses still the legacy config.

> * I will make src/vshelper-sync.c have a ifdef on __linux__ instead of
> __linux to work better with dietlibc.

Best place to report such things would be the bugtracker at savannah.

> * I will modify man/chcontext.8 so it have section 8 inside too.



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