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From: Thomas Gelf (vserver_at_gelf.net)
Date: Thu 05 May 2005 - 11:41:41 BST

vserver vstest build --netdev eth0 --interface \
 --initstyle plain --context 501 --hostname vstest.company.local \
 -m debootstrap -- -d sarge -m http://mirror.company.local/debian \
 -s /usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/vserver_sarge

scripts/vserver_sarge is the same as scripts/sarge, our modifications

- remove some packages (don't ask me which ones, I don't remember -
  probably the ppp* stuff and maybe something else, but that's not
  so important - we could discuss them on the list, more eyes can
  for sure find more "useless" packages)
- remove unused arch's
- call our cleanup script after "second_stage_install" like:

    install_debs () {
      . /usr/lib/util-vserver/vserver-cleanup

- and now the /usr/lib/util-vserver/vserver-cleanup script (sorry
  for posting it here and not using some link / attachment - it
  really needed some change / comment as it was very proprietary:

# (error messages are german - but they shouldn't be hard to
# understand / translate)


# the following line should be replaced by some "sed magic" -
# I never really understood what kind of regex sed is using -
# preg syntax doesn't work, maybe someone has a good link for
# me?! I was too lacy und used perl - sorry!
VS_NAME=`echo $TARGET | perl -e "while (<>) { s/.+\///; print; }"`


if [ ! -e $VS_ROOT ]; then
  error 1 VS_ROOT "\"$VS_ROOT\" existiert nicht"

if [ -e "${VS_ETC}/${VS_NAME}/uts/nodename" ]; then
  VS_HOSTNAME=`cat ${VS_ETC}/${VS_NAME}/uts/nodename`
  error 1 VS_HOSTNAME "Konnte den Hostname nicht ermitteln"

if [ -e "${VS_ETC}/${VS_NAME}/interfaces/0/ip" ]; then
  VS_IPADDR=`cat ${VS_ETC}/${VS_NAME}/interfaces/0/ip`
  error 1 VS_IPADDR "Konnte die IP-Adresse nicht ermitteln"

mv $VS_ROOT/etc/inittab $VS_ROOT/etc/inittab.dist && \
  grep -v respawn\:/sbin/getty $VS_ROOT/etc/inittab.dist \
> $VS_ROOT/etc/inittab

echo "$VS_HOSTNAME" > $VS_ROOT/etc/mailname
echo "$VS_HOSTNAME" > $VS_ROOT/etc/hostname
echo "$VS_IPADDR $VS_HOSTNAME localhost" > $VS_ROOT/etc/hosts

chroot $VS_ROOT shadowconfig on

# copy sources.list from somewhere in /etc/vservers/.defaults/...
# to $VS_ROOT/etc/apt/ - I'm doing something proprietary here

# we are creating a useful bashrc for root fitting our needs,
# probably not useful for everybody, but cut be handled like
# the sources.list

# if this function seems a little bit strange to you have a look
# at my discussion with ola - it's explained (and also simplified)
# there

function update_rc() {
  program=`chroot $VS_ROOT which update-rc.d`
  if [ -x $VS_ROOT/$program ]; then
    chroot $VS_ROOT $program -f $service remove
    chroot $VS_ROOT $program $service stop 90 3 .
    error 1 UPDATE_RC.D "Konnte update-rc.d in VServer nicht ausführen"

# missing others here - ola should have a full list as he has merged
# this ones - search them in the irc log
for i in klogd networking mountvirtfs mountall.sh mountnfs.sh ifupdown;
 update_rc $i


ok, that's it - works fine and has already installed many many ready-to-use debian vservers. It for sure needs some cleanup, as ola merged most of this stuff into newvserver we could use his code in a new cleanup script for debian as a part of util-vserver somewhere in /usr/lib/util-vserver/distributions/...

this approach needs no modification to vserver-build.functions, tries to do things the way debian likes it and tries to be as less "intrusive" as possible.

Cheers, Thomas Gelf

Am Donnerstag, den 05.05.2005, 11:58 +0200 schrieb Gilles: > Hello. > > Could you please post a full command-line for building a Debian vserver > by invoking the -s switch? > Where can I fetch the "magic" script? > > Thanks, > Gilles > _______________________________________________ > Vserver mailing list > Vserver_at_list.linux-vserver.org > http://list.linux-vserver.org/mailman/listinfo/vserver -- Thomas Gelf <vserver_at_gelf.net>

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