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From: Enrico Scholz (enrico.scholz_at_informatik.tu-chemnitz.de)
Date: Thu 05 May 2005 - 12:48:12 BST

Herbert Poetzl <herbert_at_13thfloor.at> writes:

>> mmh... I am not very happy with the way how this was solved, because:
> well, if you would show up now and then on the channel
> we might have taken a different approach ... but I
> guess although the various aspects might not be perfect,
> IMHO the direction is generally good ...
> at least I prefer this over a dozen different branches done by everybody
> and his dog ...

To avoid the dozen of different branches, I would like when the solved
issues/bugs/patches/wishes will be filled at a central place instead of
spreading them across IRC logs, maillists or Wikis. Personal mail is
also problematic because some issues can not be handled immediately but
require further investigations and might be forgotten over the time.

> [... moving the CVS tree into an SVN repository ...]
>> First two points can be perhaps solved by converting the CVS tree but I
>> never did such a conversion. As already mentioned, I do not see the
>> necessity of such a step.
> well, this isn't intended to replace the savannah (i.e.
> your) development branch, the idea is to have a breeding
> ground for various changes, kind of idea pool, where
> you can skim the useful stuff very easily ...

I just think that SVN can not be used for that. E.g. I will pick some
(but not all) of the changes in SVN and apply them (perhaps with small
changes) to my util-vserver branch. But who will remerge my branch (with
lots of conflicts) back into SVN?

And the larger the changes in SVN will be, the larger and meaninglesser
will be the 'svn diff <my branch>' output. I prefer small changesets
which fulfill exactly one purpose.

> if you have a better solution for that, please let us know, we are
> easily convinced by good arguments ;)

My mid-term plans are including a switch to GNU Arch when it is provided
by Savannah. But the extremely positive mentioning of Monotone at lkml
and its very good changeset support (this in GNU Arch is not good, but
still better than this of SVN) will bring me to evaluate this SCM system
before doing a final decision.

For now, please use the Savannah infrastructure (bug- and patch-tracker)
and try to use replyable addresses as possible. ;)


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