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From: Sam Vilain (sam_at_vilain.net)
Date: Sat 04 Jun 2005 - 11:36:47 BST

Oliver Welter wrote:
> Now I want to achive that in times of heavy load the individual Servers
> get a minimum percentage of CPU time. So for example I will force that
> my very important Server A alwasy gets at least 50% CPU time when needed
> while A to D need only 10%.
> If Server A does not need so much CPU time, the other ones are allowed
> to take as much as available.

Try this;




This gives server A 50% of one CPU in your system, and servers B to D
10%. If you have 2 way systems, change the first line of each
“schedule” file to “2”.

This doesn't guarantee to real-time measurement that each server will
get a level of allocation, but it does have the net effect; depending on
how large you set the bucket.

The bucket size is the third number. This should be thought of in
proportion to the number of tokens you are allocating per second. In
the first server, this is set to 1000, or 2 seconds of 50% CPU activity.
(assuming HZ=1000).

In the other servers, this is set to 200, or 2 seconds of 10% CPU activity.

Often the scheduler is mistaken as not working when individual contexts
get imbalanced levels of CPU time allocated to them. This is fine; the
one getting "more" than their fair share is simply using the CPU more,
and the CPU has nothing higher priority to do. The context getting the
additional time will appear with a much lower priority in vtop, and once
the system gets busier, the contexts apparently "hard done by" will get
more (relative) priority, so their performance is more reliable.

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