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From: Benoit des Ligneris (benoit.des.ligneris_at_revolutionlinux.com)
Date: Mon 06 Jun 2005 - 14:05:24 BST

A problem this time,

When using the new tools (with the legacy method), the
name of the vservers running on the system is empty and it is not
possible to enter/stop/start/... them. vserver-stat display the vservers,
processes, etc. however, name is empty too.

Has anyone already had this kind of problem ?

We are using a 2.6.9-vs1.9.3 kernel which is a bit old but not that

Because those are productions systems we would like the transition to
be as smooth as possible :
1) remove old utils
2) install the new version : util-vserver-0.30.204
3) use it ;-)

If some additional steps are necessary, we would like to document/script them and
maybe, provide an upgrade path for others.


Benoit des Ligneris Ph. D.          
President de Revolution Linux            http://www.revolutionlinux.com/
OSCAR                                 http://oscar.openclustergroup.org/
EduLinux                                        http://www.edulinux.org/

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