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From: Etienne Pretorius (etiennep_at_kingsley.co.za)
Date: Mon 13 Jun 2005 - 14:16:43 BST

Hello all,

I've been browsing the mail-archives for about a month now and I am
still stuck with some problems with a vserver implementation.

Firstly I would like to explain what my goals are. I would like to place
a "sleeper" machine inside my network - that will invoke the appropiate
vserver when SNMP shows that a server is not responding - like a stand
in server while the issues with the real server is being fixed.

So far I seem to have all the route set up, and I have copied all the
required configs - made the appropiate changes to binding on the
approapiate ip addresses (aliased) them. The vserver scripts works by
using ifconfig to set up all the ips on the correct interfaces and using
route to setup the routing information. The vserver is suppose to act as
a gateway machine with a DSL link on the external interface and a
network link on the internal interface. But when I preform the test no
packets are sent nor is there any sighns of connectivity inside the vserver.

My quiry would be - has anyone successfully setup a gateway vserver, and
if they can - will someone please give me a headsup on what to look out

HOST: Debian Sarge
KERNEL: 2.4 + debian vserver patched
GUEST: Debian Sarge

Kind Regards

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