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From: Oliver Dietz (o.dietz_at_arcor.de)
Date: Sat 18 Jun 2005 - 17:50:34 BST

Hi Mike,

>> (7) done some thinks i don't remind
> Yep I think 7) is where the problem is :) Luckily I remember what I
> did....
> mostly! The main problems are because of the way SuSE init works.
> 1) edit the main init script /vservers/<foo>/etc/init.d/rc and after the
> initial comment, add:
> 2) edit the /vservers/<foo>/etc/init.d/network script and put some "exit
> 0"'s in it. Otherwise you get a hang on vserver startup/shutdown when the
> guest tries to flush the interfaces/addresses or something.
> I think last time I said this, someone asked me "Why not just chkconfig
> network off?" Well if you do that then all the other services that
> *depend*
> on "network" being turned on, wont run. This is because SuSE uses
> innserv(?)
> or something. This problem doesn't happen on other distro's I don't think
> (except Gentoo?? /shrug)

ups, maybe i've kicked the network-script out because it worked with another
distro that way :-((

> Hope this helps!

this is realy helpfull - now i know someone runs Suse ... and investing some
hours can end up with an happy-end :-))

> If you still don't have any luck, let me know and I'll have a closer look
> at
> my vserver guest image.

Thanks, i'll let you know - but could take a week, because i don't know how
much time i have this week ...

Many many thanks!

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