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From: Darryl Ross (spam_at_afoyi.com)
Date: Tue 12 Jul 2005 - 03:10:29 BST

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Resending as I used the wrong source address.

Herbert Poetzl wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 12, 2005 at 08:04:49AM +0930, Mike O'Connor wrote:\
>>The reason why I need to have a woody version of the tools is that is
>>just to hard to upgrade all the systems I have out there, particularly
>>as they a mostly in data center in places a long way a way.
> hmm, and I always thought that gentoo uses source only
> packages not debian :)

The problem we are having is that we have a large number of Debian Woody
 machines deployed which are are not able to easily upgrade to Sarge.

Smiley aside, the errors Mike posted were from attempting to backport
the version of the tools in Sarge to Woody. We'd love to try "a recent
compiler" if you can let us know where one is for Woody!

>>The other option would be if someone could tell me how I could hide the
>>ip addresses of other client OS's using the old tools, this would delay
>>my requirments to upgrades.
> it requires a newer kernel not newer tools ...

As far as I can work out it requires both.

vserver2:/etc/vservers# uname -r

I believe the behavior changed at 1.9.5 for how the interfaces are
configured and hidden. We can't specify the flag required to hide the
addresses using version 0.30-6 of the tools and we can't build the new
tools on Woody.

When we enter the vservers on any of the machines we've done a kernel
upgrade on and do an ifconfig, we can see all of the IP addresses that
are assigned to the machine. This means that sendmail cannot send mail
between different vservers on the same host because it thinks it's
sending to itself. ('Oh, that resolves to my IP address, must be talking
to myself. Don't want to do that!')

Downgrading the kernel is not an option for both security and other
required features.

Is there some way we can build the 0.30.204 util-vserver tools on Woody
(or has someone already done it?)


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