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From: Matthew Nuzum (matt.followers_at_gmail.com)
Date: Mon 25 Jul 2005 - 17:42:49 BST

> > > Also, it is easy to check the existing services running on a given
> host
> > > and to create the v_* scripts in order to make sure that no port
> > > conflict will occur between the vservers and the host. This is a
> general
> > > solution to this kind of problem whereas fixing each application
> > > individually can be, IMHO, a pain...
> >
> > Then I would suggest that perhaps you are running too many services on
> > the host?
> >
> > My philosophy is to keep the host as minimal as possible and run
> > everything inside a guest (generally one guest per service). The only
> > two services I run on my hosts are sshd and ntpd. Every other service
> > that I might want to run on the host can be run inside a guest.
> good points and excellent suggestions!
> thanks,
> Herbert

Is this the official direction of the linux-vserver project? Regarding the
post from about a month ago relating linux-vserver and the Solaris
containers, it seems there is a huge potential for a tool that allows
running virtual machines on a workstation.

I ask if this is the "official direction" because if so, the tools will be
engineered with this in mind. However, if the official direction is to allow
running on stripped down hosts (ala Xen) and also general purpose
workstations (ala Solaris containers) the tools will be designed more

This is just my $0.02 and food for thought. About every 12 - 18 months I
switch from Windows to Linux on my desktop and this fall, when its due to
happen again I plan on experimenting with a Solaris containers type of setup
on my workstation.

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