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From: lukas.rueegg [pixworx multimedia] (lrueegg_at_pixworx.ch)
Date: Wed 17 Aug 2005 - 21:16:17 BST

thank's herbert for your hint.
hopefully, enrico is listening.... ;)

> the issue is the following:
> 1) you mount some filesystem on the host
> 2) you create a private namespace (a copy of the host
> namespace, happens implicitely when you start the
> guest)
> 3) you unmount the filesystem on the host (but not
> in the guest namespace of course)
> you can solve the issue by:
> a) not mounting removeable media on the host before
> starting a guest
this is not possible due to our setup (there are two drbd-devices where
the vservers reside on. it must be possible to remove one of these

> b) unmounting the filesystem in _all_ namespaces
how could we achieve this? we were reading a lot of documentation
regarding this and vnamespace, but it seems that there is no easy way of
removing all unreachable (out of the chroot path) devices in a given

> c) using the cleanup feature we added to the kernel
> (please discuss this with Enrico)
enrico, we read your talk with sam and others in november '04 but didn't
get any hints about the current status. is there any way of cleaning up
a new namespace in the pre-start-script or generally for all namespaces

at the moment, we are playing around with the pre-start-scripts, until
now unsuccessfully...

best regards

pixworx multimedia
lukas rueegg
ch-8005 zurich


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