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From: Nicolas Costes (nicolas.costes_at_iut-laroche.univ-nantes.fr)
Date: Wed 31 Aug 2005 - 15:59:00 BST

Le Mercredi 31 Août 2005 10:56, Nicolas Costes a écrit :
> Hello, all, I'm still getting a few vserver hosts to production ;-)...
> Everything goes fine (There are mainly Samba vservers, not too hard).
> I'm now trying to setup a Netatalk vserver, and the Appletalk protocol
> seems not to be my friend :( . I only managed to run the afpd service
> (Afp-over-tcp).
> So, My question is : Are the linux-vservers able to host services other
> than tcp-based ones ?

One more thing : Netatalk tries to load the appletalk kernel module on
startup, which apparently fails because being inside a vserver. Anyway,
the module is actually loaded when I start or stop the service ! (There
is no need for it in the host server, but it appears there to. "One
kernel to rule the all", huh ?)

But atalkd still fails to start arguing that it cannot find any net
device. This means the appletalk module isn't working. As installing a
kernel and modules in each of my Mandriva vservers is mandatory, due to
dependencies, it may be the wrong module that is loaded... (The host
kernel is not the same as the vservers's ones)

I'm stuck there, any idea ? How are the non-IP protocols handled but
linux-vserver ? Are module loads really allowed ?

 (°>   Nicolas Costes
 /|\   IUT de La Roche / Yon
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