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From: Christian Heim (christian.th.heim_at_gmx.de)
Date: Sun 02 Oct 2005 - 13:31:38 BST

On Sunday 02 October 2005 13:59, Chuck wrote:
> I guess my question is more than one :) .
> 1. is the stop bug fixed
Yes, in the latest baselayout-vserver they're fixed.
That means you've currently to do the following inside your guests:
# echo '=sys-apps/baselayout-vserver-1.11.13-r1 ~x86 \
>> /etc/portage/package.keywords'
# CONFIG_PROTECT="-*" emerge -u baselayout-vserver

after that, your guest should now be stopping fine

> 2. if so what are the latest versions of the above?
* latest kernel patch is at 2.1.0_rc2 (IIRC)
   - for Gentoo that is =vserver-sources-2.1.0_rc2 (~x86)
      incorporating kernel- and vs2.1.0_rc2

* util-vserver-0.30.208 (are the latest)
   - for Gentoo that is =util-vserver-0.30.208-r3 (~x86)

* baselayout for the guests is currently at
   - =baselayout-vserver-1.11.13-r1 (~x86)
   - =baselayout-vserver-1.12.0_pre8 (~x86)

   Depends if you like to use the 1.12.0 stuff or the old ones

> 3. what is my best approach for least production problems in
> creating a template?
> a. find an updated stage3 that includes latest base layout
> b. make the template from the latest stage1 vserver build and
> use the latest base layout with that and just build the thing
> from scratch?

Depends on the following:
* how bleeding-edge you would like to be
* if you need some customizations (like 64-bit guests)

The stage-tarballs will be renewed
* every half year
* if a new baselayout-vserver went stable

If I were you, I would go for the template from scratch.

> I have moved many servers into guests on various machines temporarily to
> make rack space for 'big bertha' (8u machine), a 4 processor system which
> will be our final resting place for all the servers. Then the most powerful
> of the empty servers will be converted to guest colo machines and the rest
> retired and sold.
> Since this will be the final production machine I want to do it all right
> with all fixes the first time so I don't have to go back and baby-sit it in
> any way. This system will be fully automated and at times will be
> auto-starting and stopping certain guests which are only in service certain
> hours on certain days.. which means there is no room for error. It all has
> to work perfectly every time.
> Suggestions?

Christian Heim <phreak_at_gentoo.org>
Gentoo Linux Developer (VServer)

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