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From: Chuck (chuck_at_sbbsnet.net)
Date: Mon 03 Oct 2005 - 03:56:40 BST

i just correlated our ftp server on our web machine taking a very long time to
respond and firing off our monitor warnings with a particular guest i am
working on on another machine. when it crashes on stopping, the web server
ftp goes critical. after i bring the guest back up and it works properly, the
ftp server on the other machine works fine... that particular machine is a
RH9 machine...

could something in my iproute2 config cause this? here is my host config for
the ethernet card on that particular leg of the network.

the web machine/ftp is running on and there are approx 140 ip
addresses upward from 39.11 in its configuration.

the particular guest that appears to be the cause of it when it crashes is at

could a crash cause some kind of screaming to happen?
should i maybe have my rules set for each individual ip rather than the entire
block? so it would be rules_eth2=( "from table 39net" )?

this config and code is in my /etc/conf.d/net on the host machine

modules=( "iproute2" )
config_eth2=( " netmask broadcast" )
routes_eth2=( " src table 39net" )
routes_eth2=( "default via table 39net" )
rules_eth2=( "from table 39net" )

then some rules code i received from a gentoo developer that he used:

flush_route_cache() {
    ebegin "Flushing route cache for ${IFACE}"
    ip route flush cache dev ${IFACE}
    eend $ret
    return $ret

ip_rule_runner() {
    case ${IFACE} in
        eth2) rules=( "${rules_eth2[@]}" ) ;;
        eth1) rules=( "${rules_eth1[@]}" ) ;;
        eth0) rules=( "${rules_eth0[@]}" ) ;;
    max=$((${#rules[@]} - 1))
    cmd="ip rule ${cmd}"
    for ln in `seq 0 $max`; do
        ebegin " ${cmd} ${rules[$ln]}"
        ${cmd} ${rules[$ln]}
        eend $?

postup() {
    einfo "Adding rules"
    ip_rule_runner add

predown() {
    einfo "Removing rules"
    ip_rule_runner del



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