[Vserver] can't find var/run:

From: stefan julius <stefan.julius_at_t-online.de>
Date: Sun 09 Oct 2005 - 18:52:07 BST
Message-Id: <1128880327.7770.33.camel@linux.site>

Hello Herbert,

thanx for your help with installation

here a short summary of my questions because my last request was in
so for all other people who may have the same problems in the future
(maybe ;-))!

My problem was that the vservers directory has been installed
under/usr/local/etc so
Herbert informed me to try it with

./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --with-vrootdir=/vservers


make install && make install-distribution

all works fine!

For this thanx a lot!

But now there is another directory problem

after installing example DebianSid

(Changing the vserver base path, works fine without any problem, but I
must say, that I have created the /home/vservers directory manually )

I get everytime the following error message:

find: var/run: No such file or directory --> the /var/run directory is
there, why this message

fakerunlevel: open("/var/run/utmp"): No such file or directory --> the
utmp file is there, why this message

Failed to start vserver 'DebianSid'

after I have commented out the second line in fstab /tmp


none /proc proc defaults 0 0
#none /tmp tmpfs size=16m,mode=1777 0 0
none /dev/pts devpts gid=5,mode=620 0 0

Also after

vserver DebianSid build -m debootstrap -- -d sid -m
http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/d/debootstrap/debootstrap_0.1.17.7woody1_i386.deb -- --resolve-deps

I mustn't wait for debootstrap to finish.

First I tried as it is described in the step-by-step guide

vserver DebianSid build -m debootstrap -- -d sid -m
ftp://ftp.at.debian.org/debian/ -- --resolve-deps

Could not find local version of 'debootstrap'; downloading it from
21:44:24 FEHLER 404: Not Found.
ERROR: Could not download the debootstrap package from


Usually, this means that Debian released a new version which is unknown
to util-vserver and removed the known ones. To fix this, go to


(or a nearby mirror) and search the URL for the most recent *.deb
package matching your platform. Then, put this URL into


and retry the vserver-build command again.
-rf /etc/vservers/.defaults/vdirbase/DebianSid /etc/vservers/DebianSid

because of this I changed the URL as shown above

For your information the /var/run/vservers/ and
the /var/run/vservers.rev /var/run/vservers.help, can be found
under /usr/var/run/vservers.rev; /usr/var/run/vservers
and /usr/var/run/vservers.help
maybe thats the problem I don't know, maybe I shall try
again ./configure --prefix=/ --sysconfdir=/etc
--with-vrootdir=/vservers, and not

Maybe it is a simple problem as the other before but I do not come

Please help me

Greetinx Stefan

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