Re: [Vserver] problems with sshd/pam inside vserver guest

From: Chuck <>
Date: Thu 13 Oct 2005 - 17:26:57 BST
Message-Id: <>

On Thursday 13 October 2005 12:14 pm, Eric Jorgensen wrote:

I don't know the fedora installs, but I had basically that same problem on one
of my earlier gentoo installs.. for me it was 2 things.

1. i didnt have my host ssh or guest ssh locked into listening to specific ip

2. the most important thing was, i created the guest using links against the
template and something was wrong and much of the file system had immutable
files and directories which prevented modifications/writes. once i fixed that
so COW would break the link properly it did work.

i dont know if this will help with anything but....

> Hello,
> I'm running on a Fedora Core 4 box,
> with a Fedora Core 4 guest. I've installed the
> openssh-server package and dependencies, but I cannot
> seem to get it to work.
> I have configured sshd on the host and guest to only
> bind the their proper IPs:
> guest:
> tcp 0 0*
> sshd does start up in the guest, but there is a
> problem with pam. From /var/log/secure:
> Oct 13 12:06:02 v015 sshd[24429]: Accepted password
> for root from port 47168 ssh2
> Oct 13 12:06:02 v015 sshd[24431]: error: PAM:
> pam_open_session(): Cannot make/remove an entry for
> the specified session
> I did a bunch of googling for this, and tried
> commenting out the from
> /etc/pam.d/system-auth, but to no avail.
> Any pointers would be appreciated!
> Thanks,
> jorgy
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