[Vserver] Problem pam update on centos4 et redhat es4

From: <jcpetit_at_syspark.com>
Date: Fri 14 Oct 2005 - 18:17:18 BST
Message-ID: <3382.>


login via ssh on a vserver does not work anymore after the last new
nupdate of pam from Centos4/Redhat ES4: pam-0.77-66.11

After the user is logged on, the session dies with the following message:

Oct 14 00:00:01 sedna pam_loginuid[8627]: set_loginuid failed opening
Oct 14 00:00:01 sedna pam_loginuid[8627]: set_loginuid failed
Oct 14 00:00:01 sedna crond[8627]: Cannot make/remove an entry for the
specified session

I found something on the redhat bug lists:

It seems the new pam is using a /proc/<pid>/loginuid and for security
reasons, the vserver is not able to access it.

Maybe RedHat will have a solution in the near future?....
I hope so, but for the moment, anybody knows how to resolve the problem
with some config (CAP ?)


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