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Date: Wed 19 Oct 2005 - 14:58:27 BST
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Herbert is the guy to listen to. I was not aware that vserver-copy was a legacy app (now I know). The next time I build a vserver I'll use:
sudo vserver vcrux02 build -m skeleton -n vcrux02 --context 200 --hostname --interface --netdev eth0 --netmask --initstyle plain

sudo rm -rf /vservers/vcrux02

sudo cp -va /vservers/vcrux01 /vservers/vcrux02
sudo rsync -av /vservers/vcrux01/ /vservers/vcrux02
any other means you desire

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Hi, all. Thanks for your answers. Thank smagnuson and Mr. Poetzl . As Mr. Poetzl suggested by those two commands, then we just build one guest server and then (hard) copy by: 'cp -va' the whole guest server to the new one. Is it possible that we bypass the user-space commands/utilities to clone a guest this way? If so, then wonderful.
Btw, is it the best possible and portable way?

On 10/18/05, Steven Truong <> wrote:

Hi, all. It is a good idea to build a guest server with basic all around apps and then clone this basic server to other guest of the same distribution, in my case FC4. Then for each clone, I would be able to add specific apps to it.

For this matter, I could not find enough information to try. It seems like for Gentoo distribution shows that you can tar the whole guest server and then reuse this tarball.

I also found vserver-copy and read the man page and tried this on my configured guest server. I got the following error trying to copy my lanweb FC4 guest server to a newtest guest server:

vserver-copy -v lanweb/ newtest
I: vserver-copy: called on abc-25 at Tue Oct 18 12:28:25 PDT 2005
E: vserver-copy: Vserver file "/etc/vservers/lanweb/.conf" does not exist

Coudl somebody tell me what .conf file and where/how to configure/find it? Is it the same file with /etc/vservers/lanweb/lanweb.conf file. Currently, I disabled/do not have this lanweb.conf file.
In the man page, it also mention about /etc/vservers/vserver.conf and with my current settings, I don't have this file either.

Could someone give me some information regarding all of these .conf files?

Thank you in advance for all your helps.

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