Re: [Vserver] VServer forum

From: Stephen Harris <>
Date: Thu 20 Oct 2005 - 13:45:53 BST
Message-ID: <>

On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 07:27:38AM -0400, Chuck wrote:

> I use the gentoo forum as an example. It is large, very active, and I have yet

*giggle* I offer tivocommunity and dealdatabase web forums as a counter
example; most questions are responded to with "do a search" and two
thirds of the search results are posts telling people to do a search!

> both have their strong and weak points... what would be nice instead of an
> interactive forum, but a bit difficult to implement, would be to create some
> kind of parsing program to parse the entire mailing list archives into a
> database, then present the database data in 'forum' form for easy searching

Most mailing list software has a web interface for the archives of the list,
and some provide a searchable interface. Hmm, we have an archive at


I don't see a "search" option there, but I guess we could always make
google index the pages and then have a google search option :-)

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