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Have a look at:

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Hi again Sam.

I tried searching for the "virt_mem" flag and can't find anything... Where is the best place to search for that flag ?

Thanks in advance,

Michel Belleau


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Michel Belleau ( a écrit :

Hi Sam.

I didn't knew about this option before, I'll have a look at the wiki right now!

Thanks a lot,

Michel Belleau


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Sam Vilain a écrit :

On Tue, 2005-10-18 at 15:46 -0400, Michel Belleau ( wrote:


I tried limiting a vserver memory this week-end but had no luck doing it..

I tried setting the AS and RSS files in the configuration directory, but

it doesn't seem to work the way I wanted. It kills processes (like

apache in my tests) which need more memory than what I allowed in the


What I would like to do is limit the usage of RAM the vserver has. It

seems that AS and RSS limits are the total ressources of a vserver.

I want to give a vserver 128 megabytes of RAM and 1 gig swap space. I

don't want the OOM killer to restrict applications to ask for more than

128 megs of RAM.

I know I can do it, since how does VPS using vservers work then?


Did you try putting "virt_mem" in /etc/vservers/XXX/flags ?




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