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From: Thorsten Gunkel <tgunkel-lists_at_tgunkel.de>
Date: Mon 24 Oct 2005 - 02:32:59 BST
Message-ID: <20051024013259.GB17800@tgunkel.myfqdn.de>

Hi *,
I also like to ask a vhashify question. I have several vservers and did some
time ago the following:

 # mkdir -p /etc/vservers/.defaults/apps/vunify/hash
 # mkdir -p /vservers/.hash
 # ln -s /vservers/.hash /etc/vservers/.defaults/apps/vunify/hash/0
(for all vservers)
 # mkdir -p /etc/vservers/<vserver-id>/apps/vunify
And regularly I do this:

(for all vservers)
 # vserver <vserver-id> hashify

In general this works great, but I had once or twice the problem that a
service stopped working because it could not longer write to its files. Now I
like to exclude the affected directory from the vhashify.
http://linux-vserver.org/alpha+util-vserver mentions that this is possible
but I don't understand how to exclude for example /var/data1 from vserver

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