Re: [Vserver] Vhashify segmentation fault

From: Enrico Scholz <>
Date: Sun 30 Oct 2005 - 16:30:43 GMT
Message-ID: <> (alberto) writes:

> Mmmm, so it could be a beecrypt2 problem... right?
> I'll try installing from non-debian sources util-vserver and beecrypt
> to see what happens. The hash belongs to a real executable though
> (according to "file <hash_file>"), not sure which executable but
> something to do with mount (my guess from the strings it contains).
>> I will add some testcases to localise the problem. But because I can not
>> reproduce this behavior on my system, I can not tell a solution now.
> I would appreciate :)

ok; please do a 'make check' with 0.30.209 and see if ''
succeeds. You can do

| ./src/testsuite/hashcalc SHA-1

also, which should output the same hash like 'sha1sum'

>> valgrind could give some more information perhaps; I guess a gdb
>> stacktrace will not be very meaningful.
> Darn! no amd64 package for valgrind. I guess the i386 version won't
> help much debugging 64bit executables

you mentioned that it happens on an i386 also so tests with valgrind
could be done there also.

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