Re: [Vserver] 2.6.14-vs2.1.diff

From: Serge Hallyn <>
Date: Mon 31 Oct 2005 - 15:00:26 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Quoting Herbert Poetzl (
> > No more ia_attr_flags in the kernel. So I just tossed that code
> > out of ext2, ext3, and reiser. I assume BARRIER and friends
> > are properly taken care of using inode->i_flags only.
> wrong assumption ...
> tests 103,106,113,114,116,121,123, and 124 fail
> without the ia_attr_flags stuff :)

Ok, so near as I can tell, the do_vserver syscall handler takes
the immutable, barrier, and iunlink flag values and sticks them
into the inode->i_attr_flags. It then calls setattr(), in which
vserver stores these values into the inode->i_flags. That is
then where the flags are enforced.

So I'll whip up a new patch wherein do_vserver() sets inode->i_flags
directly. Do we expect that to work, or am I misunderstanding the
existing logic?

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