[Vserver] Mirgation to vserver / Suse / kernel 2.4 guest

From: Andreas John <lists_at_aj.net-lab.net>
Date: Tue 01 Nov 2005 - 18:58:03 GMT
Message-ID: <4367BABB.9070805@aj.net-lab.net>


I tried to migrate an existing server with suse 7.2 to a linux-vserver.
I am running vs20.

I proceeded as follows:

vserver foo build -m skeleton --hostname foo.bar.de --netdev eth0
--interface --context 126 --

and then I copied all /* of the former server to /var/lib/servers/foo/
(except /dev/*).

When I do a "vserver -v foo start" I tries to start and changes the
context.But vserver-stat does not show up the machine.
/var/run/servers/foo still exists, so I assume the vserver crashed
silently while starting. Even a "vserver --debug foo start" did not
reveal much information. An "strace -f" waited forever for a forked child.

What else can I try? May it be a problem that the guest was a kernel
2.4.x before? Of did I forget something while migrating?


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