Re: [Vserver] Error when creating centos min vserver

From: Enrico Scholz <>
Date: Thu 03 Nov 2005 - 11:36:31 GMT
Message-ID: <> ("Peter McGregor") writes:

> No Match for argument: indexhtml-4-1.centos4
> No Match for argument: redhat-logos-1.1.25-1.centos4.3
> No Match for argument: setup-2.5.37-1.1
> No Match for argument: tzdata-2004e-2
> No Match for argument: glibc-2.3.4-2
> Yum can find some files, but not all of them. The corresponding list of files in my "01" file
> (copied from the centos list on the vserver site) is
> indexhtml-4-1.centos4
> redhat-logos-1.1.25-1.centos4.3
> setup-2.5.37-1.1
> basesystem-8.0-4
> tzdata-2004e-2
> glibc-2.3.4-2

Do not do this; the pkgs/ files shall *never* contain versioned
packagenames and should list only leaf-packages but not their

FWIW, util-vserver 0.30.209 supports CentOS4.2 out-of-the box so
manual setup should not be needed.

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