[Vserver] packet shaping with vservers

From: Grzegorz Nosek <grzegorz.nosek_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon 07 Nov 2005 - 12:58:09 GMT
Message-ID: <121a28810511070458v5cf32dafr@mail.gmail.com>


I'm experiencing a weird problem with htb and vservers. First, a bit
about my setup: the machine is a dual-core AMD64 (, vserver
2.1.0-rc4) running 8 guests (where all but 3 are mostly idle). The 3
active guests are:
- d829 (a mysql server)
- v830
- v831 (two apache vservers)

The test cases I've found are:
- no QoS at all
everything runs smoothly

- root qdisc on eth0 set to htb (or pfifo, or sfq)
still everything nice and smooth

- default class on eth0 set to htb (rate 1Gbit, so it's not true
bandwith choking)
mysql connections seem to take forever to establish (lots of
unauthenticated user connections as they are too throttled to even log
in and time out eventually)

Our production boxes (w/o vservers) are happily shaping packets at the
rates we encounter so CPU power is not an issue either.

One thing that bugs me is why do these packets even go through eth0
queue? ip route show table local shows the local ip addresses as
"local X.X.X.X dev eth0 proto kernel scope host src X.X.X.Y" (X.X.X.X
being guest address and X.X.X.Y being host address)

Have you got any ideas/suggestions? Is this a known issue?

Best regards,
Grzegorz Nosek
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