[Vserver] guaranteeing a certain ip is used?

From: Chuck <chuck_at_sbbsnet.net>
Date: Mon 07 Nov 2005 - 23:20:34 GMT
Message-Id: <200511071820.34774.chuck@sbbsnet.net>

I have many ip addresses on each of 4 ethernet cards using iproute2.

one of my guests must absolutely always send and receive on a certain ip
address which is not the first ip on the card. I have bound the service
(radius) to that ip which is the only one the guest is given. I have not
proven it but have a suspicion that once in a while a radius reply is getting
sent out the primary ip of either the card or eth0 (the card is eth3 and the
default system gateway is for eth0.. the rest use default gateway routing via

is there some magic that can guarantee that guest and subsequent handling by
the host can never mess up and always use that single ip for all traffic
while not affecting other guests?

my net setup for this card is as follows

config_eth3=( " netmask broadcast" )
routes_eth3=( " src table 39net" )
routes_eth3=( "default via table 39net" )
rules_eth3=( "from table 39net" )

would it work or help to duplicate the first routes_eth3 line but using the ip
of the guest? eg:

routes_eth3=( " src table 39net" )

or would this confuse the networking code?
i would think this ip would be 'covered' by the rule set in the last line.

i am still very green when it comes to iproute2 and what it can do.

what is happening is I am missing a LOT of stop packets. many more than i ever
did before I moved radius to a guest and I need to fix this because when a
stop is missed people cannot log in as they get simulteneous use errors.

maybe somehow assigning this guest slightly more priority? don't know ..
grabbing at straws here.. the configuration of radius is fine and is just as
it was when it was running by itself on its own server.

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