RE: [Vserver] moving a physical server to a virtual server...?

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Date: Thu 10 Nov 2005 - 14:58:01 GMT
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Pretty much. I have included my notes on how I do it.


Creating a vserver from a non-vserver host

    * Clone host1 (non-vserver) to host2:vserver1
        calcrs03 --> calvunix02:rhas3template01

ssh calvunix02
sudo /etc/rc.d/rsyncd start
sudo vserver vrhas3template01 build -m skeleton -n vrhas3template01 --context 30 --hostname --interface --netdev eth0 --netmask --initstyle plain

ssh calcrs03
cat /home/sig/rsync-exclude.txt

sudo rsync -avz -e ssh --exclude-from=/home/sig/rsync-exclude.txt / calvunix02:/vservers/vrhas3template01

ssh calvunix02
sudo vi /vservers/vrhas3template01/etc/resolv.conf
sudo vi /vservers/vrhas3template01/etc/fstab
sudo vi /vservers/vrhas3template01/etc/hosts
sudo vi /vservers/vrhas3template01/etc/ssh/sshd_config
        X11UseLocalhost no - Needed for vserver x forwarding (ORACLE)
sudo vi /vservers/vrhas3template01/etc/sysconfig/network
        set hostname
sudo vi /vservers/vrhas3template01/etc/rc.sysinit
        remove mtab references
        remove tty references
sudo vi /vservers/vrhas3template01/etc/inittab
        remove tty references
check over /usr/local/etc/vservers/vrhas3template01/..

sudo vserver vrhas3template01 start
sudo vserver-stat
sudo vserver vrhas3template01 enter

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Subject: [Vserver] moving a physical server to a virtual server...?

Hi all!

I have the following problem. We have a server here that originally was set up as www/mysql/etc/etc server for client A. Later on this server was reconfigured as vserver and client B was set up as
vserver. Now we want to move client A from the 'main server' to a vserver as well.
What is the best way to do this? I have used client B's vserver as template to create a virtual server for client A. Should I now just copy /* (excluding /vservers & /proc /tmp /dev/pts, of course)
from / to /vservers/[client A]

will this do the trick?


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