[Vserver] yelling to the rooftops -Talk about efficiency!!!!

From: Chuck <chuck_at_sbbsnet.net>
Date: Thu 10 Nov 2005 - 17:04:04 GMT
Message-Id: <200511101204.04882.chuck@sbbsnet.net>

I am more than amazed at the server usage statics I am presented with every
time I check them, initially to the point I kept verifying that the guests
were running and all was well!!!

We have a 4 processor machine with 3gb ram installed presently running 9
guests, 5 of which are quite busy.

3 name servers all of which are authority servers for several thousand

1 radius server that is busy enough i must kill the log tail to be able to
read it

1 smtp gateway that is also busy enough i cannot read the log via tail

2 monitoring systems that test and graph our entire network and page us if
there are problems

1 dsl authentication server handling more than 200 client routers/modems

1 medium load web server

When each of these were running on their own servers, they used a reasonable
amount of resources.

All combined are only using the below resources.. the friggin machine is


top - 11:34:09 up 20 days, 12:28, 4 users, load average: 0.08, 0.11, 0.09
Tasks: 229 total, 1 running, 228 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
Cpu0 : 0.0% us, 0.0% sy, 0.0% ni, 100.0% id, 0.0% wa, 0.0% hi, 0.0% si
Cpu1 : 1.5% us, 1.0% sy, 0.0% ni, 97.5% id, 0.0% wa, 0.0% hi, 0.0% si
Cpu2 : 0.0% us, 0.0% sy, 0.0% ni, 100.0% id, 0.0% wa, 0.0% hi, 0.0% si
Cpu3 : 0.0% us, 0.0% sy, 0.0% ni, 100.0% id, 0.0% wa, 0.0% hi, 0.0% si
Mem: 3115504k total, 2719776k used, 395728k free, 218160k buffers
Swap: 3903784k total, 980k used, 3902804k free, 1657892k cached


phoenix vservers # free
             total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 3115504 2718772 396732 0 223788 1658112
-/+ buffers/cache: 836872 2278632
Swap: 3903784 980 3902804

This boggles my mind. They seem to be impossibly low usage rates for a host
which runs ntpd serving every machine in our organization and all of our
customers, a caching name server for the guests, a pvt jabber/conferencing
server and several critical services itself, and 9 guests! I now feel
confident enough in this system to move 30 more servers over to it :)


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