Re: [Vserver] Re: Nagios 2.x on a vserver. Anyone?

From: Dennis Roos <>
Date: Fri 11 Nov 2005 - 09:06:59 GMT
Message-Id: <>

On Fri, 2005-11-11 at 09:04 +0100, Evert Meulie wrote:
> Warning for all!
> Even though Nagios 2.x eventually compiled on my system, I ended up with a defective check_ping. And since check_ping is used by Nagios to check whether a host is up or not, this causes MAJOR problems...
For ping you need to enable a specific capability. I have nagios 2.0 running fine within a vserver ;)

What I did to get it to work was:
 * Add CAP_NET_RAW to the capabilities of the vserver (in /etc/vservers)
 * start the vserver
 * modify configure to check for a hostname instead of
 * compile nagios
 * configure nagios
 * run nagios :)

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