Re: [Vserver] Hosting Vserver's on CODA or Lustre Distributed File Systems?

From: Jonas Björklund <>
Date: Tue 15 Nov 2005 - 19:08:15 GMT
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.63.0511152000260.17339@crisp>

On Mon, 14 Nov 2005, EKC wrote:

> Needless to say, it is becoming increasingly difficult to backup the
> Vservers.

Why? Use a good backup software and good tape drives backups would not ba
a problem. I recomend Bacula,

> The ideal solution would be a highly-scalable distributed file-system
> with built-in data redundancy (RAID-1 striping across the storage
> nodes). I would like to be able to shutdown a Vserver on one machine,
> and start it up on another without having to SCP the vserver directory
> over.

I have setup two VServers. Both are running Linux software raid over NBD.
There are two raid1 setups. One on each machine. If one machine fails the
other will take over its VServers. But it wont scale on more machines. :-(

Im not maintaning it anymore, but it works very well.
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