[Vserver] Tools for VFS namespaces ?

From: Xavier Montagutelli <xavier.montagutelli_at_unilim.fr>
Date: Wed 16 Nov 2005 - 14:24:07 GMT
Message-Id: <200511161524.07327.xavier.montagutelli@unilim.fr>

Hello list,

I've discovered a strange (but normal) behaviour on my vserver host, related
to namespaces and inheritance of mount points. I'm working with vs 2.0,

"vs1" and "vs2" are vservers, located on /vservers/vs{1,2}/. These directories
are mount points for LVM logical volumes.

To illustrate the problem :

# vserver vs1 stop
# umount /vservers/vs1
# rmdir /vservers/vs1/
rmdir: `/vservers/vs1/': Device or resource busy

# vnamespace -e vs2 umount /vservers/v1/
# rmdir /vservers/v1/

From what I understand : "vs1" and "vs2" have new namespaces, inherited from
the host server. As /vserver/vs1 is mounted *before* vs2 is started, it
appears in the namespace of "vs2".

When "/vservers/v1/" is unmounted in the host namespace, it still appears to
be mounted in the "vs2" namespace, so it has to be unmounted there too.

This is logical, but a little bit disturbing. Are there any tools (apart from
"vnamespace") to deal with VFS namespaces : having a list of namespaces,
knowing what appears in each, umounting in all namespaces, etc. ?

Is there a mean to control what is inherited in the namespace of a vserver ?

Xavier Montagutelli
Service Commun Informatique
Universite de Limoges
Tel : +33 555457720
Cle GPG : http://pgp.mit.edu 1024D/175CE198
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