Re[2]: [Vserver] BIND (named) and "lo" interface inside vserver

From: Dmitry Koterov <>
Date: Thu 17 Nov 2005 - 00:41:07 GMT
Message-ID: <>

>> > hmm, let me rephrase this: in a guest (with current networking)
>> > the localhost ip is remapped to the first assigned
>> > guest IP (which is very likely in your case)
>> Maybe you know, how can I bring up OWN in EACH virtual
>> machines, independent to other virtual machines?

> yes, I know, but it involves modifying the kernel :)

I obligate to say that today I installed
(OpenSource) and it solves all the questions - about,
aboun mount --bind (mount --bind does not work inside vserver)
and rather about BIND (named) incompatibility with linux-caps
inside vserver.

Somebody have already modified the kernel greatly. :)

Thanks for answers.

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