[Vserver] /dev permissions issue

From: sukrit <sukrit_at_liqwidkrystal.com>
Date: Thu 17 Nov 2005 - 07:49:37 GMT
Message-Id: <1132213777.23203.9.camel@localhost.localdomain>

I have mounted the base machine's /dev/ into each VServer using:

mount --bind /dev /vservers/$2/dev

I am using a particular software called TcpTTY
(http://freshmeat.net/projects/tcptty/) to run something from a VServer.
when I run this as non-root I get the following error. This however runs
perfectly on the base machine both as root and as non-root. And it also
runs perfectly as root in the VServer. I was hoping someone could shed
light on what I am doing wrong and what I need to set right. Here's the
output at terminal when I execute tcptty as a normal user:

[codesaw@vs01 codesaw]$ tcptty -h -P 5025 ps
/usr/local/bin/tcptty: Waiting for incoming connections on
/usr/local/bin/tcptty: Inbound connection from [] ,
accept_sock = 4
/usr/local/bin/tcptty: fork error
/usr/local/bin/tcptty: connection handler(9227) done


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