[Vserver] "Badness in dst_release at include/net/dst.h:154" [scanned]

From: Veit Wahlich <cru_at_zodia.de>
Date: Mon 21 Nov 2005 - 02:15:27 GMT
Message-Id: <1132539327.5539.26.camel@localhost.localdomain>

Hi list!

I experienced this irregularity on a i686/SMP host using Linux (a rediff, quite cleanly):


Maybe this counts:
It happened just a few seconds after booting including a few legacy
vservers and stopped after about a minute.
After converting the vservers' config to vs2.0, this never happened
again, neither it ever did on a test server (vs2.0 vservers only) using
the same kernel image.

Nevertheless the system runs just fine and survived all stress tests.

Any hints?

// Veit

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