Re: [Vserver] major problem i have no clue where to look

From: Chuck <>
Date: Wed 23 Nov 2005 - 00:37:38 GMT
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On Tuesday 22 November 2005 07:32 pm, Chuck wrote:

one more thing..

we are using

linux- on a 4-way smp system.

and i just double checked the kernel config and pre-emption is off and both
timers are set at 250hz

> I am not even positive this is due/related to vserver.
> I have one guest which is a very busy radius server using a mysql database.
> The previous incarnation had no trouble at all on its own machine.
> Now, we are missing stop packets quite a bit which is causing radius
> accounting to go totally haywire.
> I have the added complication that this is a different radius software than
> previously used, and it is not possible to revert back to try the old one.
> we previously used IC-Radius and are currently using Free-Radius.. both use
> mysql.
> I guess my questions would be process of elimination...
> 1. is there anything within the vserver system that could be considered a
> 'heartbeat' where a particular guest would be 'off' for a miniscule time
> where it could possibly miss an incoming packet?
> 2. is there anything similar within iproute2 framework?
> 3. i remember reading somewhere and now cannot find it that there is a way
> increase the priority of a particular guest. i was wondering if i did that
> this one very slightly if it may ease its pain?
> 4. when inside a guest, does mysql behave slightly slower than it normally
> does? if so is there a cure? unfortunately this particular system requires
> lightning fast mysql responses.
> 5. anyone have such an experience and a cure/workaround?
> --
> Chuck
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