Re: [Vserver] Style sysv or plain

From: Stéphane GAUTIER <>
Date: Mon 28 Nov 2005 - 05:40:27 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Herbert Poetzl a écrit :

>the difference is this:
> sysv: no init process is spawned, the runlevel
> scripts are invoked directly
> - fake init process is shown
> - calls to init will fail
> - you save the resources for the init
> - you see the startup process
> plain: an init process is spawned, which in turn
> invokes the runlevel scripts
> - init and inittab will be executed
> - commands like reboot/halt will reach init
> - you do not see the startup

When I start/stop a vserver Sarge in sysv mode not of problem.

When I start/stop a vserver Sarge in plain mode I have a message with
the stop of the vserver.

$ vserver malefoy stop

A timeout occured while waiting for the vserver to finish and it was
killed by sending a SIGKILL signal. Please investigate the reasons
and/or increase the timeout in apps/vshelper/sync-timeout.

sought on the Web and I have make tests during the stop with "ps -
auxwww " but I do not see anything.



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