Re: [Vserver] Copy VServer

From: Lars Hallberg <>
Date: Thu 01 Dec 2005 - 17:50:56 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Xavier Montagutelli wrote:

>On Wednesday 30 November 2005 18:51, Lars Hallberg wrote:
>>Don't know howe much difference this make, but I using Ubuntu 5.10 and
>>the debian tools. Built my original 'guest' with somthing like:
>># newvserver -v --hostname testname --domain "" --ip IPADDRESS
>This tool is not in the "util-vserver" commands. Perhaps that's why you don't
>have any "/vservers/.pkg/<vs>" directory ?
/etc/vservers/foo/apps/pkgmgmt/ contans only the empty file 'internal',
and what i understand packetmanagment is complitle run inside the
VServer. Waste some space, but its not a critikal problem, and defeitly
not on top of the list right now :-)

Thanks for all answers. I'm wondering about one more thing

>>>4) modify context number automatically (if you use static context numbers,
>>>which is preferred) ?
>>Don't think I do, possably I shuld... Wher can I read about pro and con?
>Mandatory if you use context tagging for files, needed to set up disk limit
>per vserver or quota per vserver (in case you are using a single partition
>for hosting different vservers), otherwise simply recommended ?
I don't realy need those featurs right now. But I wonder what "context
tagging for files" implie for file copying. Will that taging survive
copying? by cp? by rsync? Will they survive copying betwin host systems
(migrating, backup)? Do they survive taring and untaring? I do the
copying on the host system, outside the VServers own context.

Are ther any tool for changing the taging?

Guess I realy wonder wher i can read more (allot more) about this.

Thanks /LaH
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